Top-up Health Insurance

SUPER Top-up Health Insurance has similar features as Regular Health Insurance. A regular policy reimburses hospital bills up to the sum insured while a SUPER top-up plan covers costs after the Threshold/Deductible is reached. This plan covers the total of the entire bill in a given year. In other words, the multiple hospitalizations are covered and they look at the aggregate claim.

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For Instance:

Mr. Amit has a Health Insurance with a sum insured of Rs.3 lakhs with a Super Top-up policy also for Rs.3Lakhs with a deductible of 3lakhs. 

  • Example 1:

In the above instance  only after the Deductibles are exhausted the person can use the claim from the Super top up. 

  • Example 2:

In the above incident the since the deduction isn’t exhausted the Super Top Up doesn’t trigger 

  • Example 3:

In the above incident the claim was made twice, first time the deductible amount was exhausted and the second time claim was made from super top up.