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  • ICICI Lombard general insurance company ltd is a joint venture between ICICI Bank and Fairfax financial holding limited , a Canadian based USD 37 billion diversified financial services company .
  • ICICI Lombard was established in 2001 .
  • ICICI Bank has 64% stake and Fairfax has 35% .
  • ICICI Lombard general insurance is the largest general insurance company is India.

Sum Insured Option


Age Limit

Policy Combination

Product Design

In-patient treatment

Medical expenses for hospitalization as an inpatient for a minimum period of 24 consecutive hours

Medical expenses for in-patient treatment for:

  • Doctors’ fees
  • Diagnostics procedures
  • Medicines, drugs and consumables
  • Intravenous fluids, blood transfusion, injection administration charges
  • Operation Theatre charges
  • The cost of prosthetics and other devices or equipment if implanted internally during a Surgical Operation
  • Intensive Care Unit charges 
  • Other Medical Charges 

Pre & Post Hospitalization

Expenses  up to 30 days immediately before and 60 days immediately after an Insured Person’s admission to a Hospital for the same Illness.

Day Care Treatments

Medical expenses incurred by an individual while undergoing Specified 150 Day Care Treatment (as mentioned in the Day Care Surgeries list), which require less than 24 hours hospitalization.

Donor Expenses

  • Expenses for an organ donor’s treatment for the harvesting of the organ donated.
  1. Provided donation conforms to The Transplantation of Human Organs Act 1994 and the organ is for the use of the Insured Person.
  2. The Insured Person has been medically advised to undergo an organ transplant.

Domiciliary Hospitalisation Cover

Medical Expenses for medical treatment for domiciliary treatment taken at home if this continues for an uninterrupted period of 3 days as long as either:
  1. The attending Doctor confirms that the Insured Person could not be transferred to a Hospital or 
  2. The customer satisfies the company that a Hospital bed was unavailable.

In Patient AYUSH treatment

Expenses for Ayurveda, Unani, Sidha and Homeopathy (AYUSH) treatment only when the treatment has been undergone in a Government Hospital or in any Institute recognised by the Government and/or accredited by Quality Council of India/National Accreditation Board on Health

Reset Benefit

For plans with SI/deductible Rs 3lacs and above, ICICI will reset upto 100% of the Sum insured once in a policy year in case the SI including accrued Actual Sum Insured (if any) is insufficient to make the claim.

Additional Sum Insured (Cumulative Bonus)

An individual will be entitled for an Additional Sum Insured of 10% for every claim-free Policy Year upto 50% under the Policy on its renewal policy 

However, in the event of a claim under the Policy during any subsequent Policy Period, the accrued Additional Sum Insured will be reduced by 10% of the sum insured at the time of renewal of this Policy

Complimentary Health Check Up

ICICI provides Complimentary health check-up coupons to the insured for every Policy Year, on issuance or upon renewal of the Policy, subject to a maximum of 2 coupons per year for floater policies.

Wellness Program

Wellness program intends to promote, incentivize and reward You for Your healthy behavior through various wellness services. All the wellness activities as mentioned below make You earn wellness points which will be tracked by ICICI.

The wellness services and activities are categorized  as below:

  • Manage and track Your health
  1. Online Health Risk Assessment (HRA)
  2. Medical Risk Assessment
  3. Preventive Risk Assessment
  • Disease Management Services
  • Medical Concierge Services
  • Affinity to wellness

Product Design

Hospital Daily Cash

ICICI will pay the insured a fixed amount (as per the plan opted) for each and every completed day of hospitalization (minimum of 3 consecutive days  and subject to a maximum of 30 days)

Convalescence Benefit

In the event that You are hospitalized for a minimum period of 10 consecutive days, ICICI will pay You a benefit amount equal to the sum insured specified against this optional benefits

Personal Accident

The customer can also opt for personal accident cover where the fixed sum is paid upon unfortunate event of accidental death or permanent total disablement resulting from an accident.

Temporary Total Disability

ICICI pays up to an amount as specified in the Policy Certificate in case the Insured Person suffers any Injury during the Policy Period.

Repatriation of Remains

ICICI will cover the expenses Upto 50000 for the transportation of Insured Person's body from the place of death to the city of last known address of the Insured Person as per the Company's records or as per the request of the Insured Person's family.

Critical Illness Cover

ICICI will pay You a lump-sum amount upto the extent of cover opted on Your first diagnosis of such critical Illnesses, subject to Your intimation of the same within 30 days of such diagnosis.

Waiting Periods And Exclusions