Directors & Officers

This Insurance cover is for those who are in the decision making positions. Directors and Officers enactment of there duties which may be in violation of certain statutes or Indian Laws.
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Who can bring a claim in D&O?

  • Directors and officers can be personally sued by company’s stakeholders (owners, investors, lenders, employees and securities holders, including bondholders). 
  • Claims can also be brought by customers, consumer groups, competitors, business partners (venders and suppliers) and government enforcement/regulatory groups. 
  • Shareholders might sue for insider trading. 
  • Creditors might sue for misrepresenting the financial health of the company. 
  • Competitors might sue for anti-trust or unfair trade practices.

What do they cover?

  • Defense cost within limit of indemnity 
  • Crisis Communication Cover 
  • Final adjudication language 
  • Full Severability 
  • Official Investigation costs – 50% of limit of liability 
  • Bankruptcy Trustee Carveback 
  • Spouse, Estates, heirs & legal representatives cover 
  • Pollution claims defense cost and shareholders derivative claims 
  • Insured vs Insured as per form 
  • Outside Directorship cover 
  • Automatic reinstatement of limit of liability for Non Executive director 
  • Civil Fines & penalties – As per form 
  • Discovery Period – 30 days
  • Special Excess protection for non-executive Directors


  • Defense Cost 
  • Discovery Period 
  • Crisis Communication / Public Relations 
  • Official Investigation cost 
  • Final Adjudication Language 
  • Full severability 
  • Bankruptcy Trustee Cover 
  • Spouse, estates, heirs & legal representatives cover 
  • Pollution claims defense cost 
  • Shareholders derivative claims 
  • Insured Vs Insured 
  • Outside Directorship cover 
  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance 
  • Special Excess protection for Non-executive directors 


  • Prior & Pending Litigation Date
  • Terrorism exclusion 
  • Security claims exclusion 
  • India Jurisdiction Clause 
  • Known potential or current claims exclusion
  • Prior Act exclusion 
  • Civil Fines and Penalties 
  • Criminal Act / Criminal Fines and Penalties exclusion 
  • Bodily injury/property damage  Exclusion 
  • Professional indemnity Exclusion 
  • Initial Public Offering/Public offering of Securities Insurance claims exclusion 
  • Product Liability exclusion 
  • Claims arising out of American Depository Receipt/Global Depository Receipt
  • Employment Retirement Income Security Act 
  • Corporate Manslaughter Law
  • Occupation Health and Safety Claims 
  • Tax Liability exclusion 
  • Sanction Limitation and exclusion clause 
  • Pollution Claims exclusion 
  • War, Invasion, Acts of foreign enemies, Hostilities or Warlike operations