Doctor's Professional Indemnity

When an emergency situation arises with respect to one’s health, a patient’s doctor puts him on the right medication and treatment ultimately leading to the right fitness condition most of the times. But in some cases due to human errors, every Doctor (Medical Practitioner) are exposed to the risk of patients making claims due to doctor’s neglect, omission or errors .

In the current world scenario, such a claim can  pose a significant threat to the financial security of a medical practitioner.
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Who can take the policy?

  • Doctors and medical practitioners - covers registered medical practitioners like physicians, surgeons, cardiologists, pathologists etc.
  • Medical establishments - which covers legal liability falling on the medical establishment such as hospitals and nursing homes, as a result of error or omission committed by any named professional or qualified assistants engaged by the medical establishment.

***Note : Only civil liability claims are covered. Any liability arising out of any criminal act or act committed in violation of any law or ordinance is not covered.

Covers you against

  • Claims arising out of bodily injury or death caused by Error, Omission, Negligence.
  • Legal Liability including Defence costs (costs, fees, expenses) incurred while investigation, cost of representation, compensation etc.

Policy Broadly Covers

  • Bodily injury and/or Death of any patient caused by or Alleged to have been caused by Error, Omission or Negligence in professional service rendered or which should have been rendered by the insured doctor.
  • Legal costs and Expenses.

Sum insured

  • Any One Accident (AOA).
  • Any One Year (AOY).
AOA and AOY can be in ratio of 1:1 or 1:2.

Significant exclusions

  • Criminal acts.
  • Acts committed under Influence of intoxicants / narcotics.
  • Weight reduction.
  • Plastic surgery.
  • HIV/Aids.
  • Non compliance with statutory provisions.
  • Punitive and exemplary damages.
  • Radioactivity.
  • Blood Banks.