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Depreciation Cover

The Company shall pay the Depreciation amount deducted on the value of the parts replaced for up to 2 admissible claims* under Section I of the policy, provided that the vehicle insured is :- 
Repaired at any of Company’s authorized Garage.
Vehicle is not more than 5 years old from the date of purchase (i.e. month and year of manufacturing). 

* Depreciation Cover is known by other names which is Zero depreciation , Depreciation Waiver Coverage, Etc.

Consumables Cover

Consumable Items shall mean those articles or substances which have specific uses and when applied to their respective uses are either consumed totally or are rendered unfit for continuous and permanent use. These items include nut and bolt, screw, washers, grease, lubricants clip, ac gas, bearings, distilled water, engine oil, oil filter, fuel filter, break oil and the like. 

Condition for this Add-On

  • The cover under this add-on will be available only for vehicles upto the maximum age of 5 years. 
  • For any claim to become payable under this add-on, it should be admitted under Section I –“Loss or damage to the vehicle insured” of the Policy. 
  • All such costs to be supported with proper bills/invoices only from Garages authorized by the company. 
Such repairs to be undertaken within three (3) days of date of loss

Engine & gear box protection cover

This Policy extends to cover the consequential damage to the internal parts of the Engine & Gear Box of the Insured Vehicle arising out of water ingression and/or leakage of lubricating oil following damage to Engine/Gear box due to Accidental means. 

Internal parts/items of the Engine like : 

  • Engine Block, Crank Shaft and its bearings, Connecting Rods, Piston Set, Piston Rings, Cylinder Head, Cam Shaft and its bearings, Inlet and Exhaust Valve, Valve Seats, Gasket, Engine Oil, Oil Seals, Sealent and Packing Kits, Oil Pump, nuts and bolts,  
  • Internal parts/items of the Gear Box like: Input Shaft, Main Shaft, Counter Shaft, Drive Gear, Shifter Shafts, Fork, Synchronizer Rings, Oil Seals and Packing Kits plus, Gear Oil, Gasket 
  • Associated Labour charges in connection with the above including overhaul of the damaged engine and gear box wherever required. 

Condition for this Add-On

Condition for this Add-On:
  • Repair or replacement shall be carried out  in Insurer’s  Authorized Garages across India 
  • In case of engine replacement, the claim will be paid, only if the engine damaged is same as mentioned in the vehicle registration certificate.  
  • The claim shall be reported immediately and the vehicle shall be removed to garage immediately following water receding. 
  • Only one claim will be paid for, during the Policy Period under this add on facility.
What is not Covered?
  • If the loss is covered under any other type of insurance policy with any other insurer, the claim will be paid subject to contribution  considering the availability of the cover in both the policies and in the ratio of Insured Declared Value. 
  • Manufacturer’s warranty or recall campaign or under any other packages at the same time. 
  • Any other consequential loss or expenses other than what is covered here in, specifically. 
  • Loss or damage including corrosion of engine due to delay in intimating the company or delay in retrieval of the Insured Vehicle from the water logged area. 
  • Depreciation as mentioned in Section I of the policy which shall be borne by the insured. 
  • Loss or damage purely in the nature of wear and tear. 
  • Any claim where the repair has been carried out without prior approval from the Company. 
  • Policy excess/deductible which shall be borne by the insured 

Invoice Price Cover

The current replacement value of vehicle if the same make model is available, whichever is less in the event of a Total loss/ Constructive Total Loss (CTL) or Total Theft of the vehicle. The said “shortfall amount” also stands to cover the Road tax and first time registration charges incurred on the insured vehicle. 

Maximum liability to the company is limited to the sum insured stated in the policy schedule.

Condition For This Add-On: 
  • The vehicle is not more than 2 years old* on the date of commencement of the policy period. 
  • The Total loss/ Constructive Total Loss (CTL) or Total Theft of the vehicle should be admissible under Section I of the policy. 
  • Insured should be the first registered owner of the vehicle. 
  • Vehicle insured should be indigenous.
  • The bank/finance company whose interest is endorsed in the policy shall agree in writing. 
  • First Information Report issued by police authorities needs to be submitted with the company in case of theft of insured vehicle. 
What is not Covered?
  • Any electrical/non electrical and electronic/non electronic accessory(s) including any bi fuel kit forming part of the invoice but not insured under Section I of the policy.
  • If the vehicle is recovered within 90 days of the theft. 

* Invoice Price Cover is known by other names which is New Vehicle Replacement, Return to Invoice, Etc

No Claim Bonus Protection Cover

The Company would assign same No claim Bonus percentage even if there are up to two claims made during the policy period
Condition for this Add-On:
  • The No Claim Bonus will get reduced to NIL in case of more than two claims in a period of two consecutive years. 
  • Subject to No Claim Bonus confirmation from the previous insurer in case of Declarations by Insured 
  • Applicable to Private Car policies alone, with Comprehensive coverage only. 
What is not Covered?
  • The cover will cease to operate after one claim wherein the claim is not admissible.  
  • In case of transfer of ownership the cover will cease with effective date of endorsement. 

Road Side assistance

  • Repair Services for Minor Breakdowns:
    If your vehicle is immobilized whether at home or on the road for a minor breakdown  and the mechanic will be dispatched attempt to fix it on the spot/side of the road. 
  • Vehicle relocation to the nearest garage in case of Major breakdown:
    If the attempt to re-mobilize the vehicle fails following a mechanical or electrical breakdown, a recovery vehicle can be sent to you, will collect the laid-off vehicle and take it to the nearest dealer or garage in measure to proceed to the repair at the workshop. 
  • Changing of Flat tyre:
If the tire(s) has (have) a puncture which immobilizes the vehicle, we can send you a mechanic that can help you replace the punctured tyre, provided that the driver does have a spare tyre in a shape of order. If more than one tyre is punctured, while there is only one spare tyre per vehicle, the immobilization may be necessary by the time the tires are being repaired or replaced at the drivers’ expenses at the workshop. 
  • Assistance in case of Lockout/ lost keys:
If you have lost your vehicle key or locked it inside the vehicle, we can dispatch a mechanic at the location of the incident and help you either unlock the vehicle without damaging the vehicle or, whenever and wherever possible, help you make a copy of the key or arrange delivery of key set from the place of residence. The cost of replacement of the key will be borne by the customer. 
  • Arrangement of emergency fuel in case the vehicle runs out of fuel:
 If the vehicle has run short of fuel, we can dispatch a mechanic with an emergency tank of fuel. The cost of fuel will be borne by the customer. 

Alternative Transport assistance to the nearest safe location for the passengers of the vehicle:
If the vehicle is being laid-off, we can dispatch an alternative transport to the passengers of the vehicle and take them to the nearest safe location. This arrangement will be taken forward on a referral basis, and all costs are to be approved and borne by the customer.