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Depreciation Waiver Coverage

ITGI will pay for Depreciation charges deducted in the own damage claim of Partial Loss under Standard Motor Package Policy in case of damage to the insured vehicle. 

Special Provision:
The replacement or repair of the parts will be decided by the authorized surveyor or representatives of ITGI.

New Vehicle Replacement

In case of Total Loss, ITGI will pay for the difference  of amount between Ex Showroom Price of the same make, model and the IDV of the Insured Vehicle . Further the Registration cost and Insurance cost for new vehicle of same make, model as that of insured vehicle will also be payable by us.

What is not covered?

ITGI will not pay for any difference between lower IDV than the prescribed IDV for the same make, model of the vehicle

Daily Rental/Travel Cost (Applicable for PCP & TWP)

In case of Partial Loss/Total Loss, ITGI will pay for the Daily Rental/Travel Cost and the daily limit will depend on the IDV of the vehicle or as opted by insured. The total compensation will vary according to the type of claim i.e. total loss (30 days) or partial loss (14 days). The limit of liability will be in respect of each 24 hours.

What is not covered?

First 24 hours of period of ITGI liability.
The cost of fuel and other running, maintenance cost of the vehicle.
More than 5% of daily rental/travel cost unless the bills are submitted. 

Personal Effects and Belongings

ITGI will pay for the loss of damages to Personal Effects and Belonging in/on the insured vehicle in case of theft or operation of other insured perils upon the insured vehicle.

What is not covered?

Property stolen unless the Insured Vehicle is locked and all doors & windows are properly fastened while unattended.
Money, Jewellery and Valuables, Mobile phones, Laptops, Electrical accessories etc.
Any Claim unless the complaint is lodged with Police 

Medical Expenses

ITGI will pay for Medical Expenses including Hospitalization and Outpatient treatment including cost of medicines, various tests, operation, consultation fee etc for injuries sustained by insured person(s) in connection with insured vehicle as per the Limit of Liability, which is opted by Insured. 

Benefits :
ITGI will also pay for Special expenses of Female insured person for their period of disability hiring Housemaid, Housekeeper and Tuition fees for children if the female insured persons are injured and disabled whilst driving or travelling in the insured vehicle. This amount will be payable for a maximum of 60 days.

What is not covered?

Medical expenses whilst the driver driving the Insured Vehicle is under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs. 
Medical expenses unless the treatment following injury is not started within 24 hrs of injury.

No Claim Bonus Protection

NCB will be earned, retained in this benefit even if there is a claim under the main Standard Motor Policy.  However the percentage of NCB earned or retained may vary according to the no. of claims.

What is not covered?

├śNo NCB can be earned if there are more than 2 claims

Increased Property Damage Liability Benefit

ITGI will pay for Legal Liability to third party property damage including legal expenses in excess of Section II, Liability to third party property damage which is available under Standard Motor Package Policy.

Wreckage/Debris Removal & Transshipment Cost

ITGI will pay for cost, expenses, charges in respect of the cleaning and removal of debris, wreckage of the vehicle and goods falling from the vehicle due to the accident to the vehicle. 

What is not covered?

ITGI will not pay for any cost if the insured vehicle is parked or located in their residential premises/business, office premises where the vehicle is parked normally incase of Wreckage/Debris Removal or Transhipment Cost.

Towing and/or Removal/Storage of the Insured Vehicle

ITGI will pay or arrange for Towing, Removal or Storage benefits in case of accidents. This will be in addition to benefits available under Standard Motor Package Policy.

What is not covered?

Any Claim if the vehicle is able to be driven on its own power on self propelled basis unless in ITGI's opinion it it could increase or aggravate the damages sustained by insure vehicle incase of Towing and/or Removal/Storage of Insured Vehicle.

Accommodation and Travelling Expenses

ITGI will pay for or arrange for Accommodation and travelling expenses will be provided if the vehicle is stolen/damaged at a distance of more than 100 (One Hundred) Kilometers  for Two Wheelers and 200 (Two Hundred) Kilometers for Commercial Vehicles from the Place of Residence/Work. 

What is not covered?

More than 2 (Two) events in the coverage period. 
Any expenses more than actual seating capacity of the vehicle as per the Registration Certificate or actual number of insured person at the time of accident/theft.

Transport, Redelivery or Repatriation of Repaired Vehicle

ITGI will pay or arrange for Transport, Redelivery or Repatriation of insured vehicle following accident to the vehicle for which we have an own damage claim outside city i.e. 100 (One Hundred) Kilometers for Two Wheelers  and 200 (Two Hundred) Kilometers for Commercial Vehicles provided the repair work is taking in excess of 72 hours.

What is not covered?

If the Insured or his/her personal representative is already at the garage for the delivery of the vehicle or at the place of recovery in case of theft. 
If the vehicle is recovered by Police Authorities and transferred to the Police Station.