TATA AIG Two Wheeler

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Depreciation Allowance

This cover is applicable if it shown on your schedule. We will pay you the amount of depreciation deducted on the value of parts replaced under own damage claim, lodged under section 1 (own damage) of the policy. We will pay for the first   claims during the period of insurance
Deductible: First Rs…. for each and every claim.

Return to Invoice

Return to Invoice
This cover is applicable if it shown on your schedule

What is covered:
We will pay the financial shortfall between the amount You receive under section 1(own damage) of the policy and the purchase price of the two wheeler as confirmed in the invoice of sale OR current replacement price of new two wheeler in case exactly same make/model is available, whichever is less, in the event of Your two wheeler being a Total Loss/ Constructive total loss following an accident or stolen during the period of insurance and not recovered. We will also reimburse the first time registration charges and road tax which you had incurred on the insured two wheeler.

Special conditions applicable to this benefit: • You are the first registered owner of the two wheeler 
The finance company/bank whose interest is endorsed on the policy must agree in writing for settlement of claim under this coverage.What is not covered: We will not pay the financial shortfall if:
 1)The Total Loss/CTL and theft claim is not valid and admissible under section 1 of the policy.
 2) Final investigation report in case of theft claim is not submitted to us.
3)  Covered two wheeler is imported.

Consumable Expenses

What is covered:
We will cover cost of consumables required to be replaced/replenished arising from an accident to the insured vehicle. Consumable for the purpose of this cover shall include engine oil, gear box oil, lubricants, nut & bolt, screw, distilled water,
grease, oil filter, bearings, washers, clip, break oil and items of similar nature excluding fuel.

What is not covered:
1. Any consumable not associated with admissible Own Damage claim under section I   (Own Damage) of the policy.
2. If there is no valid and admissible claim under section I (Own Damage) of the policy.
3. If vehicle is not repaired at Authorized garage.
Subject otherwise to the terms exceptions condition & limitations of the policy

Emergency Medical Expenses

What is Covered:
We will pay emergency medical expenses incurred by You for treatment of bodily injury/ies sustained by You or any occupant of the vehicle in direct connection with vehicle insured or whilst mounting and dismounting from or driving or travelling in the insured vehicle and caused by violent, accidental external and visible means and required treatment is taken in a Hospital / Nursing Home. Reasonable Ambulance Charges incurred by You for hiring an Ambulance for shifting You or occupant from the site of accident to the Hospital / Nursing Home is also covered

What is not Covered:
Any expenses related to a sickness, disease or medical disorder not directly consequential to accident.
 Any expenses towards psychosomatic disorders of any kind, whether caused or accentuated by accident
or otherwise.
 Any physiotherapy treatment.
 Any expense not supported by an original and valid bill / receipt and related prescription of the attending Medical
Practitioner / Hospital / Nursing Home.

 Expenses, if the treatment is started after 5 days from the date of Accident
 Not more than sum-insured as mentioned in the schedule during any one year of policy.
 Any expense arising or resulting from or traceable to intentional self injury, suicide or attempted suicide physical
defect or infirmity.
Any expense arising or resulting from or traceable to an accident happening whilst You are under the influence of
intoxicating liquor or drugs.